Detroit bankruptcy trial to begin: View the witness lists

Emergency Manager Kevyn Orr, Mayor Mike Duggan, business executives Roger Penske and Dan Gilbert and former auto czar Ron Bloom, who oversaw the federal government’s bailout of GM and Chrysler,… Read more »

Buick expanding ad campaign with new TV spots challenging consumers to experience brand

The next phase of General Motors Co.’s reinvention of Buick starts this week with a handful of ads that expand the brand’s successful “Experience the New Buick” campaign.

Tim Skubick: Governors are workaholics, meaning taxpayers get their money’s worth

Governors’ penchant for non-stop work often affects family life. Former Gov. Jennifer Granholm lamented that she missed lots of events with her three kids.

Military vehicles, rifles in Saginaw County: Most are seldom or never used

An armored personnel carrier, used twice since it arrived in 2006, several Humvees and a large mine-resistant military truck waiting to leave are the extent of military vehicles in Saginaw… Read more »

White Lake rising: Q & A — environmental problems, solutions at Muskegon County ‘toxic hot spot’

Muskegon County’s White Lake has come a long way since it was listed as a Great Lakes Area of Concern in 1985.